Vacation is the most favorite and important time during the year. Continue reading to find out what you may do or not do.



How much vacation am I entitled to?

§3 I BUrlG entitles you to a minimum of 24 business days for vacation, calculated on the basis of 6 business days per week. If the weekly number of working days is below 6, then the number of vacation days will be reduced accordingly. For example, if you work 5 days per week, you will be entitled to 20 days of paid vacation annually. But national or regional holidays on a normal working day do not count as vacation. However, your contract might grant you more. Most of the collective labor agreements require the employer to grant more. When negotiating an employment contract, even executives should not hesitate to claim 28 to 30 days for vacation.

I, a new employee, have been working now for six months and started to work in July. Now in February, I want to take my whole vacation for last year’s and this year’s all at once. I am entitled to 25 days. Please confirm that I can have leave for 50 days.

Nice try, but no chance. You are in so far correct that you are entitled to your full vacation time after being in the company for at least a half-year. But this half-year is also to be in the same year. You are only entitled to 1/12 of your vacation period per employed month of your vacation time. So, in your case you will be entitled to half of that year’s vacation or 13,5 days.

My boss is now picking at me as the new employee because I want to make up last year’s vacation. I just applied this year.

Sorry. You forfeited last year’s vacation by not expressly announcing that you wanted to take it to the following year. Be aware, this is only the general rule. Your contract, standard company agreements or tariff overrules this general rule.

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