Executive Summary

The project „The Legal Guide to Germany“ is to become a service portal for the successful expat and investor in the German SME-sector. It consists of six subprojects as shown in the organigram below.

This project is to grow from “seed financing” to a successful business. By its concept, LG2G is an emerging mixture of brokering legal services and a content portal to inform on legal questions of everyday concern (comparable to an online encyclopedia) and selling legal templates. All this already exists but not in English and not orientated towards the needs of the successful expat / investor in Germany. LG2G is unique in collecting this everyday legal knowledge and presenting it on one portal and therefore providing reliable information at the tip of one’s fingers. The information will be reliable because experts will tell inside stories of their field of law instead of a friendly person of his individual experience. There are some private and public portals that invite the foreigner already. Their information is super in German but when it comes to other languages, they quickly start falling short. Where they stop, LG2G starts! While other site want to attract persons to Germany, LG2G wants to keep them here. LG2G cares for the successful foreigner in Germany.

After investing 20 k€ equity as seed capital for the first start, the investment of 200 k€ is needed to revive the business and implement a market place to promote legal services. The LawFon, Shop and the encyclopedia have been implemented as a prototype. Relevant turnover will be achieved by paid reading and selling legal templates and online advertisements. The supplementary service LawFon brings in revenues when readers have follow-up questions and call the toll number.

References for this project come from:

    1. Export.gov, recommendation from the website, targeting American exporters,
    2. Verge Technologies, a now established investor, who bitterly needed / wanted LG2G when they started

Integration of the immigrating foreigner is most important for Germany’s economy – as well as a legal duty for the foreigner. Foreigners Commissioners or politicians in general, charities, other private initiatives care for the poor and needy, children and youth, refugees and other (socially) disadvantaged. Who cares for the successful person or businesses in life that just happen not to come from Germany? LG2G does! An immigrant will consume, work, and enjoy his life if he has his basic concerns covered (employment, accommodation, and orientation). Economic attachés are interested in LG2G when they have to report to home authorities – e.g. as a nutshell for “German Pakistan Days”.

This project is bound for success! Relevant and comparable companies, like DAAG and QNC, are making millions in profit each year. The only thing missing is the starting capital.


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