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Please consider that it costed and costs a lot of brain sweat, serious amount of funds, etc. to run this project. We did try to attract public funds but none are available. Therefore, the private sector needs to finance its needs by own means.


Sure, many answers are available for free somewhere in the Internet or from fellow expats in mailing lists. But did this person study law? LG2G authors are all professionals in their field. The inside stories are from them.

Cost Effectiveness

Each page is at least comparable to an initial consultation from any Rechtsanwalt. A German lawyer may demand fees from his client for an initial consultation from a consumer at most € 190 on fees + € 20 for telecommunication and postage + € 39.90 VAT = € 249.90. This limitation does not apply for an initial consultation for a business person. This is regulated in §34 I RVG. Compare this with the costs of subscribing to the portal or just buying to read a page...

You can pay to read single articles or subscribe for one month. You'll have the choice when clicking on "Pay to read more" at the bottom of a chargeable content article.

Ward off Swindlers

When you actively show that you belong to the readers of LG2G, then you can tell your crummy landlord / supplier picking on you, your competing business that they cannot treat / consider you as a fool! Why? If you read the Legal Guide to Germany you will be informed on your rights and duties.

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Our promise will be that you get:

  1. each month a new not yet covered topic will be uploaded and introduced via the newsletter.
  2. any major changes in the law on already covered legalities will be updated also within one month.
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  4. a weekly newsletter pointing you to most recent changes on the site, or seasonal relevant topics, spiced up with relevant news.

Besides that, we promise to search even harder to find expat-orientated service providers for you.

What you get

You will know what is needed or a successful private life in Germany plus all you need to know how to professionally run your business in Germany.

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