About LG2G  – The Legal Guide to Germany

The project “The Legal Guide to Germany" was first introduced to the public in 2002, as a self-learning system. The idea of this portal has become so prominent that the Federal Marketing Agency of Germany, www.Invest-in-Germany.de, now Germany Trade and Invest, has started copying the services of LG2G in 2007.

“The Legal Guide to Germany" aims at helping the SME with citizens of other countries, either living in or coming to Germany, in gaining a reliable orientation toward their every day legal rights and responsibilities in Germany. LG2G aims to reach the nonprofessional in law with the overall objective of providing a legal encyclopedia for the international community in English. Founder, Franz Baron von Engelhardt, firmly believes “Integration" is the name of the game for newcomers both living and working in Germany. Otherwise it will be lose-lose situation”. He adds “Too many non-Germans could easily avoid basic legal situations had they only been better informed. The goal of LG2G is to provide this valuable awareness.”

At this very moment, this presentation is actually a one-man show – due to financial restrictions. The future is to be that other lawyers tell introduce their special field and tell inside stories for everyday use, obtain legal consultation online. Until now, no strategical partner has been found.

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