Pets in Daily German Life

Supposedly you are wondering if and how the daily life of your pets will be in Germany. One thing is sure, it will be completely different then elsewhere. Admittingly, this is a wise crack remark but the contents below are not!


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What are the requirements for a dog license in Germany? Do they require dog licenses?

Yes, they do require a license in Germany! All you have to do is pay an annual fee. However, in Germany, this is considered as a tax “dog tax (Hundesteuer)”. It will be a three digit one. You are supposed to register your dog at the city hall (Ordnungsamt) within one month after moving in to your place.

As I came here I noticed that so many dogs where on-leash and were wearing muzzles. Strange! How come?

After the attacks from fighting / combat dogs that have occurred in Germany, muzzle / leash laws have become very strict.

Which dogs are considered as fighting / combat dogs?

Dogs can already be considered as dangerous when they belong to the list below or when they are overaggressive due to a lack of correct training, have repeatedly attacked persons or other animals without themselves being attacked. And don’t come up with the “excuse” that your dog only wants to play. Such “excuses” – however seriously it might be intended – will always be interpreted that you are not really wanting to obey this law and / or do not care for the wellbeing of others! Going by race, typically certain dogs are considered as dangerous.

Are there open places I can take him for walks? Do they have off-leash areas?

Germany is a dog loving country! Everywhere you go you will see people walking their dogs. Again, though, that varies even from city to city. Some cities have specific off-leash areas, but this varies very much from town to town. To be on the safe side ask a pet owning neighbor or your local Tierschutzverein (pet protection association). Some people let their dogs off the leash before or outside leash free areas – especially when they have small dogs. But to be honest, this is not recommended. If some idiot decides to let his pit bull off the leash would you really want your dog to run to it? Rather be safe than sorry. Dogs may enter more places than in other countries, such as restaurants, but that depends strictly on the individual establishment. Do keep your pet out of playgrounds and don’t let him dig while visiting a cemetery…

May I travel with my pet on trains?

If you would like to travel with your dog, this is generally not a problem. If you would like to take a larger dog which cannot be transported in a transport container as hand luggage, you pay the same fare as for children. You can take small dogs (up to the size of a domestic cat) in a transport container at no cost. For safety reasons larger dogs have to be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle. Guide dogs for the blind and companion dogs for severely disabled people do not have to wear a muzzle. Depending on the provider, it might not be possible to book for pets online – just as little as to reserve seats for them. However, just It is also not possible to reserve seats for dogs. Pets are not allowed on trains in Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Norway, and Finland.

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