Prosecution of Traffic Offenses from Abroad

I just got a letter from the German traffic office that they are collecting the fine for my speeding abroad. Can this be?



Yes, this true and legal. Since October 2010, Germany will collect other European fines for other country. Due to Directive European countries collect traffic fines in the country where the offender lives. All Member States of EU help another on a mutual basis to prosecute driving violations.

What about points? The letter said that I’m losing points for speeding inside a town. Will my German “account” get more points?

No, your German number of points will not increase only the “account” in the country where you disobeyed the traffic rules.

What about prosecuting traffic offenses from outside the Union?

Such will be possible when the offense abroad is considered as an office in Germany and reciprocity exists (§87b IRG.) However, when is the fine is lower than € 70, it will not be enforced in Germany.

A friend of mine got a similar letter but he has got a driving ban for five months. In other words, he has to surrender his license to the consulate and not drive in Germany for five months. Can they really forbid him to drive in Germany?

Whoa. You are mixing things up pretty much with your understandable fears. No, the driving ban is exclusively for the country where your friend offended the traffic rules. When he gets caught, he can reckon to be punished in court. Executing the ban will not and cannot be done by the German authorities; they have the only function to intercede during execution.

Contents kindly provided by Markus Behnke

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