Prosecution of Traffic Offenses from Abroad

I just got a letter from the German traffic office that they are collecting the fine for my speeding abroad. Can this be?


For Citizens of a Country not Mentioned in any of the Tables

I do not belong to the EU Club. Will my national driver’s license be accepted in Germany?


Points, Loss of Driver's License

Germans, especially men, consider it a nature-given commodity the permission to drive a motor vehicle. If such ill fate were to happen that a German looses his permit, he will quickly arm "big bertha" to contest such "impossibility". This page will introduce to the system of "points (Punkte) in Flensburg". The city of Flensburg is not only known for its beer but also for the registry of sins: Kraftfahrzeugbundesamt.


Pedestrian Zone 

While strolling downtown, I noticed an area where pedestrians seem to prevail. Hardly a vehicle and persons just jaywalking between the stores. What is this?


Special Vehicles new


May I use my bike in a pedestrian zone?

Pedestrian zones are generally off limits for vehicles of any nature. So, this also includes bikes. However, you will often find a sign like the one on the right of this paragraph that especially permit (as an exception) the traffic of bicycles. Nevertheless, pedestrians have the right of way and bike riders are to drive in walking speed and may neither hinder nor endanger persons walking around. Funny as it may seem, you are always allowed to push your bike through a pedestrian zone. No official may complain when you park your bike here as §12 StVO, containing parking restricting for motor vehicles does not hinder the parking of bicycles (VG Braunschweig, judgment of January 25, 2005, re 5 A 216/03).


May I use my scooter in a pedestrian zone?

Following a judgment of OLG Oldenburg from June 21, 1996 (re Ss 186/96their scooter through a pedestrian zone but only when it is not motorized; i.e. not motorized; i.e. motorized; i.e. not motorized; i.e. when you have to kick it to move forward and as long as persons walking around are not endangered or significantly disturbed. N.B. This includes jaywalkers.

Inline Skates

What about inline skates ?

The legal classification of inline skates was heavily discussed for a long time. The Federal Court of Justice brought an end to all discussions with its judgment (March 19, 2002, re VI ZR 333/00). They are no vehicles in the understanding of the law but something similar (§24 I StVO) – special vehicles.

What should that tell me “special vehicles”?

§25 StVO says that special vehicles are subject to the rules for pedestrians. In other words, skaters have to use sidewalks but not bikeways. Using such speed demands that you pay even more attention to (from your perspective) “jaywalkers”. When you collide with a pedestrian, you will generally have more guilt on your scale of joint liability (§ lang=EN-US 254 lang=EN-US BGB)!


My child just got a skateboard as a birthday gift. Will he be able to use in a pedestrian zone?

Skateboards also count as special vehicles. They are pretty much comparable to scooters. As such vehicle your youngster can plow his way through the obstacles of pedestrians that are constantly in his way. But do make sure that your child does not come with the notion of playing bowling wanting to knock persons crossing his way.


What about Segways?

Technical inventions always overstrain the law maker. This was also the case for segways. Until the “Mobilitätshilfenverordnung (Ordinance on Mobility Aids)” came into force in 2009, there was no clarity. Now these vehicles have been classified as motor vehicles that are subject to the rules of motor vehicle traffic – codified in the Ordinance on Street Traffic (StVO). Segways may be used only then use streets when there are no bikeways. It is permissible to use them in pedestrian zones but as a motorized vehicle user you will have to be extremely careful to prevent accidents with persons on the street in a pedestrian zone.

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