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To help you launch and sustain your life abroad, LG2G is putting together a concise list of organizations, stores, and services. If you know of any other business that might serve other expats, please contact us at Hi@LG2G.info with your suggestion. Best would be add the suggested company on "CC".

Your advantage? Get € 10 per paid entry.

The companies / organizations advertising their products and services have been "handpicked" by a lawyer and they all speak English – fluently, even if they are not always native speakers. They have been tested for general seriousness.

Click on the entry's name to see all the details!

Charities, Churches, Expat Associations will receive a free linked entry when backlinking to LG2G. Your association will be able to add its logo, when the LG2G logo has been added to your presentation.

Your field of profession is not mentioned here? There is no problem to add more categories – simultaneously with publishing your entry.  Enter your data and connect with category "uncategorized", contact the publisher, and we will take care of the rest. When you decide for a field with subcategories, the top category will not count for billing purposes.

Your listing is not yet in? Then it's about to be time. Click above on "Add Entry" to enter your details. Latest within two German working days, you will have the invoice and then your details online.

Buy books in English here
Helping you to start your residence with a business plan or effectively run your business later
The Place for Congregations
Psychological Assistance in Life Crisises and/or Relocation
eLiterature for you
anything and all related to money or funds
Covering Agents / Companies
Lawyers who able and wanting to consult you in English – licensed for Germany.
Family Law, Immigration Law, Tax Law, Criminal Defense, Labor Law, Estate Law
persons wanting heal you inside or outside of traditional medicine
Surgeons, Dentists, Alternative Healers, Pediatricians
introducing you to Germany or elsewhere
Certified or not, these persons bridge language difficulties
Use this tag when your field of business is not mentioned above
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