Red Light Violation when Bypassing?

Traffic jams and red traffic lights suck! No question. Especially in cities with a lot traffic is the devil tempting us to bypass a traffic light via a gas station on the corner? Or is this a legal approach and maybe only a bit naughty? Read on and find out.[PPD_PAYTOREADMORE]

Nowadays, jumping the lights will be prosecuted as a misdemeanor with a fine of €90 and one point in Flensburg, the "registry of sins". In individual cases, this punishment can go up to €360 plus 2 points plus 2 months driving ban. If this is a traffic offense including endangering persons or things (§315c StGB)then the fine will be significantly higher if resulting in time in jail up to five years and a withdrawal of your driver's license!

Here's the Trick: Bypass a Red Light

Imagine, up ahead you notice a red light on time and either / or on the right or left hand side there is a gas station. How about "cutting the corner" by driving into the petrol station and leave at the exit on the other side to continue towards your destination? It is imaginable that the station owner might frown on this. But what the heck? Until he notices and reaches you, your car will be long gone and left the premises. Is the same applicable for other private lots on the corner?

LG2G thinks yes. And yes, we have been justified! OLG Hamm in its decision of July 2, 2013 (re 1 RBs 98/13) held that no violation is committed when bypassing a traffic light via the private property of a third party. The light is to regulate the traffic on the intersection in full 15 m back down the road; such includes bike ways, pedestrian crossings, parking lanes, bus ways, etc. It is not illegal to leave the traffic of a road onto private premises and then reenter later. A difference cannot be made if a traffic light is being bypassed or not.

Therefore, it is legal to bypass a traffic light through a gas station without violating any law. However, do keep quiet about this way around! If everybody were to know then would you may be able to ever fill up the tank again...

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