What to do in the Event of a Bank Fraud?

Lost your TAN list, strange withdrawals, antivirus program hinting a trojan on your computer? Best follow the steps in this article to save and prevent anything more from happening.


  • Check your current balance either by phone banking or visit a branch and use its printer but don't login again and so not "publish" or confirm your banking PIN.
  • Block the online access: either do so via phone banking or purposely enter the data wrong three times when signing in.
  • Inspect your PC for malware: Is your virus scanner still up-to-date? And has it always been kept up-to-date in the past? When doing so best use two different programs.
  • When not, get a new and for the moment a trial version of a current program: Kaspersky Trial - Anti-Virus
  • A virus or malware has been found? Document the messages by either printing, saving, and / or making a screen shot. How to? Simple! Press the "Print" button on your computer; it is usually somewhere on the top left.
  • Is a lot now missing from your account? Then best instantly disconnect the computer from the internet and don't use the files you created in order to use the computer as evidence against the criminal.
  • Inform your bank: Contact your bank and request clarification. The bank will also recommend whether a report to the police makes sense.
  • Block other logins: When your login data for online banking have been stolen, the thief might also have the login details for other online accounts like Amazon, eBay, PayPal - just to name a few. Best would be to block these accounts, too, by setting up totally different login details.


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