Look Before Clicking for Plane tickets

So you're planning a trip back home and thought of purchasing online. Being distracted for a moment, you clicked for the wrong flight. Argh. Can you now get your money back? LG Munich-I recently had to decide on exactly this question.


Sammy wanted to book four flights for his family and him from Stuttgart to San Jose, California. However, he accidently chose a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. After another page where all booking details were summarized, there was no further reference to the flight destination during the booking procedure. The booking confirmation contained only the city name and the international abbreviation of the airport, so especially "San Jose (SJO)". The invoice showed only the details the city name without the country's name and in the reference line was to be read "Service: only flight publish middle/southame". Sammy was about to check in for the flight when he did notice that he booked a flight to Central America - and not to the States. So Sammy quickly purchased four new tickets to San Jose, California. Sammy later sued his carrier for € 9,037.40 damages on the grounds of breach of contract.

Sammy was of the opinion that his carrier should have shown when confirming but latest in the invoice that he booked a trip to Costa Rica not California. The carrier violated its duty to provide usable information. Sammy is claiming the difference of the paid flights to the more expensive new bookings.

The judges dismissed the case. Sammy knew that when using an online shop there were possibilities and advantages and therefore also the specific risks of booking online. Accidentally "misclicking is a risk that he had to take". An online vendor is only held to the standard of taking precautions to ensure a customer is aware of what he is about to obtain - without a possibility of misunderstanding. The carrier persuaded the court, that it had an orderly shop.
Sammy's risk of misclicking happened and this is in his realm of responsibility. The carrier is not to blame.


In other words, you cannot blame the carrier for your fidgety fingers. You carry the risk of making a wrong click.


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