Warding off Bees from Customers

With summer time coming ahead, we have to reckon with bees, wasps and other stingy creatures. What protection is required in shops against those animals?

Generally, everybody has the obligation to prevent situations that can realize an injury or damage of or for other persons. Are you nevertheless responsible for wild creatures in the vicinity of your shop?

AG Aachen (re 5 S 24/05, July 8, 2005) solved such a conflict between a vendor and his customer. They were fussing about a beehive near the bakery and if the baker was reliable for these bees. The main question was if the baker has the duty to put up signs warning of the beehive or have other precautions. The judges ruled that just knowing of a beehive nearby does not require any warning precautions – especially since the baker does not own the bees. Only the bee owner himself might be held liable for any injuries.

Published on the old CMS: 2006/7/26
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