“… & Partners” is exclusively reserved for Partnership Companies

Even many German businesspeople do not know much about the legal formation of Partnership Companies, which have the clumsy German name Partnerschaftsgesellschaft. This is a private partnership sui generis exclusively for persons performing professional services. The main and specific difference to a normal GbR is that the liability for malperformance can be limited to the partner who worked on the individual case.

The OLG Frankfurt / Main (re 20 W 321/04 of 11.11.2004) had to decide a dispute between the commercial registry and a GmbH that wanted to use the English language appendix “& Partners” and not the clearly forbidden German version “& Partner”. The court ruled that it is was forbidden to use this appendix because it circumvented the strict regulation of §11 PartGG.


What should you do if you are already illegally using that suffix? Change it before you get fined. Use this change to simultaneously introduce a new service or the like in order to camouflage your mistake

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