Deduction for Property-related Services (e.g. Washing Machine Repair)

Since 2006, your tax office has been participating on private repair costs in your household. It does not matter if you are the proprietor or tenant. A letter from the Federal Ministry of Finances dated November 11, 2006, re IV C 4 – S 2296b – 60/06 explains exactly what will be partially covered by the tax office. Do not interpret “covered by tax office” to mean that you can submit the bill for refunding to the office. In accordance with the following rules, you will be able to deduct the costs from your tax return. The legislation aims at fighting the black market for crafts services in Germany.


In practical terms, you will be able to deduct 20% of the invoice (without material costs) for property-related services in your household but at most € 600 p.a. This advantage will be profitable for you if you submit your tax office the bill from a serviceman and prove that you paid through a bank account. The bill will not qualify if it is paid in cash. The following services qualify for deduction:


  • Inspection and maintenance of heating
  • TV, washing machine, dish washer repair,
  • Chimney sweeping services,
  • Other renovating, maintenance, or modernizing work (but not new construction).


If you rent an apartment check your utilities statement for such an invoice. Condominium-owners can find payments in their “Wohngeld” accounting.




Published on the old CMS: 2007/6/25

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