Returning Unsealed Software

Unfortunately, you bought software on a sealed CD-ROM that does not meet your needs or expectations. It is very understandable that you wish to return it and have your money refunded. This article will explore the rules in a nutshell.


It is not impossible, but certain conditions must be met before you can successfully collect a refund. The general rule, however, is that breaking the seal obligates you to pay for it. There are two main exceptions:

  1. You bought a technical device that cannot otherwise be tested. A typical example would be software for a navigator.
  2. You were allowed to test the CD-ROM prior to purchasing it.

Another example would be that you purchased a computer and unsealed and used the recovery CD-ROM. But if you also bought an extensive video program with a computer on the Internet and opened it, you will not be able to return it for a refund. However, the computer can successfully be returned because of your general right to return long-distance purchases over the internet within 14 days.

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