Six Golden Hints to Protect Yourself from Misuse of Your PC

The following six hints on using your PC in networks or with several users can save you a lot of headaches.


1.) Follow suspicions:

Parents and employers ought to occasionally search the PC for suspicious files like those having the endings: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC or VOB, MPG, MPEG, MP4. If many such files are stored outside of a Windows directory ([drive]:\Windows\ or \WINNT\) or program directory ([drive]:\programs\) it will be time for a serious talk.

2.) Prevent misuse:

Employers are to stipulate in the labor contract that company’s computers are to be exclusively used for professional reasons. From time to time, inspect the PCs. It might be a good idea to block certain websites.

3.) Information

Inform children, teens, staff that file sharing is unwished in this house; they are most likely illegal and usage raises unnecessary suspicions.

4.) Question all users:

Whoever receives an admonishment should first question all other persons using the joint computer. Obtain legal advice before admitting anything to the admonisher.

5.) Protect personal data:

Be careful that your personal details, like nicknames, date of birth, bank account are not easily traceable over the Internet. These details can be easily misused against you – especially from those persons snooping around in the internet by anonymously surfing and so not showing their real IP-address.

6.) Access protection:

Every computer at home or in the office is to be protected against misuse with at least one password.

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