What To Do If You Buy the Wrong Components?

Wanting to save money but still to get the best components for your computer can turn out to be an adventure. The least of your problems will be finding out where to get what cheapest. So you bought a graphic card here and a sound card there at the cheapest price you could find. Now while putting the components together you find out that these components are not compatible with each another. So how can you return them?


Well, in most cases you can forget it! You bought a product that is not defective so you have no reason to claim a refund. One conceivable exception would be if you bought one component over the Internet, in which case you have two weeks time to cancel the contract, after which you are back to the original question.

How can you avoid this situation? If you had bought all components at the same store then you could try to exchange them. There is no legal obligation to do this but it is considered bad marketing to refuse a customer’s reasonable request. Some stores even allow you to “buy and try” – for a certain fee. This means that if the hardware you bought does not work you can exchange it –– that is what you have paid for. But this must be explicitly negotiated!

Please see this as an example of attorneys not always having a solution to every problem. We are not magicians!

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