Recouping Payment for Tardy Internet Purchase

What to do if the internet vendor delivers your order too late and you do not want it any more.


Let us suppose, you – as a consumer – ordered a fancy new computer over the internet and the vendor did not de-liver it for months. After canceling your order per email and buying a new one somewhere else, then the PC you first ordered comes. Great, eh?! After immediately returning this computer, the vendor insisted that you have it because you paid, they delivered and no cancel received by them. Your rights are very clear: You have the right to cancel this internet purchase within 14 days after receipt of the merchandise. You need no explanation, no reason to return. All you have to do is to timely return it (on time). Such is always possible by long distance purchases from professional vendors

What happens if the vendor refuses to return payment? Assuming you return this computer on time, it is his legal ob-ligation to return you your money. Period. If this company stubbornly refuses, then you send them a letter demanding your money back within a week per registered letter with return card (Einschreiben mit Rückschein). And, if he still re-fuses after the first mentioned week, then send him one reminder also per registered letter with a return card and limit to pay within another week. Supposing he still does not pay, then you will have to sue him for the money. You either do this yourself with or hire an attorney. Any and all collection costs are to be paid by the vendor – in the end, be-cause the vendor is late in fulfilling his duties and German law entitles you to recoup your real damages.

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