Household Insurance Coverage when Relocating?

Does your household insurance have to pay for thefts when moving to another home? Read about what the OLG Hamm decided on September 7, 2007 (re: 20 U 54/07).


The plaintiff had closed a household insurance for his apartment, from which he was moving. However, some household articles, like two cameras, glasses, sun glasses, and come clothing were on the premises of his company, which were stolen. He asked his insurance for reimbursement. The company refused to pay.

The OLG Hamm held that items are covered by household insurance as long as the are temporarily outside the apartment. “Temporarily” means that it is likely that these things will be returned to the apartment. Only permanent removal from the apartment excludes insurance liability. Furthermore, liability also exists when things are neither in the old nor yet in the new apartment. During relocation, the renter is usually in a tough spot, when thing are neither in the old and not yet in the new apartment. The judges considered it justified when items of daily use that are only accidentally outside both apartments (e.g. in the car of relatives or friends) still enjoy insurance coverage. Therefore, the insurer was convicted to pay for the damages.

Published on the old CMS: 2008/4/16
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