Responsibility for Cable Spaghetti during Warranty

The BGH pointed out on 23.1.2008 (re VIII ZR 246/06) that buyers can be held responsible for their own cable spaghetti, even in cases of warranty.

A senior citizens residence had to make such a bitter experience. They bought an electronic intercom system from an electro-installation company and had the company install the system. As disturbances came up, an employee checked the system and could not fix the problem. The residence’s management then had the company come and fix the assumed defect in the system. The technician quickly repaired the intercom system and noticed that the malfunction resulted from either a loose cable connection or an incorrectly programmed system.

The company € 773.95 for their services but the residence management refused to pay, thereby forcing the electrician to go to court. After the lower courts ruled against the residence’s management, they appealed to the BGH.

Published on the old CMS: 2008/2/23
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