Hotelier Must Instruct on Shortcoming of Safe

While traveling away from home it often happens that, you stay at a hotel. So, where are you to leave your valuable while taking a good night stroll or going out? Of course, best would be in the hotel’s safe. The OLG Karlsruhe (re 12 U 142/04 of January 27, 2005) gave hoteliers the instruction that they have the duty to instruct their guests that the safe in their room is defect. Especially, if the defect is not apparent for the guest.

What happens if the hotelier does not instruct you on this defect? He will be generally liable for all damages in relation to the defect safe. He will have to replace stolen items and have damaged things repaired. Have something to prove that you really owned the stolen object and a story why you had it with you.

Published on the old CMS: 2006/8/2
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