Students, Interns

This page will discuss the working regulations for students either next to their studies or as interns.


 While studying here, I would like to fatten my wallet. How much may I work?

You may take up a job for either 120 full days or 240 half days a year or a part-time job suitable for students. Do not pick up more work because this will torpedo your status and your residence will become illegal.

My studies require me to complete an internship during the program. I just found a place where they will even pay me. Is there anything special I have to be aware of?

Congratulations to your extra money. As a student, you have a special status with regard to social security. In this case, your internship is required for your studies, your employer will not need to take any social security premiums from your salary. The amount of salary is unimportant with respect to social security.

I want to get a whiff of how practice will be when I finished my studies even though the internship is not required. And, it would at least help me understand more and improve my job chances afterwards. The company hiring me is willing to pay me €500 per month. Do I have to pay social security on that?

Yes, you will. You and your boss will equally share the social security costs.

What about my internship prior to my enrollment at the university? Will I also be exempt for that time?

Internships, prior or post your university education, are generally subject to social security payments. However, if you are only earning up to € 400 – a salary up to low-income limit – only your company will be paying these premiums. However, if that internship is not required for your studies, then you will not be exempt from statutory health and old-age insurance.       

I just managed to get an internship at the company where I want to end after finishing studies. What about social security? Am I exempt? I just want to learn a bit and make some contacts during my studies. It is not a compulsory internship.

I am happy for you that you found a promising internship. You will be exempt from social security premiums if your “salary” is not more than € 400 or if it is a short-time “mini-job”. If you earn more than € 400 then your income will be subject to social security according to the normal rules.

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