Special Smoking Ban: What is true for Authorities, Public Buildings and Facilities?

The blue haze often resolves disputes and often ends the dispute in court. Because of the dangers of passive smoking is to protect non-smokers, a comprehensive ban on smoking in public places has become law. Where can you still smoke, what applies at work and what at home?


The smoking ban does not apply to private, but only public spaces in public buildings and facilities, for example government agencies and other state institutions. In addition, smoking in closed public spaces of cultural institutions is prohibited, such as theaters, concert halls, museums and many others. Even in hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and prisons. Smoking is banned in enclosed spaces, if they are publicly accessible.


No smoking ban applies to premises that are not intended for public access, such as apartments in retirement homes. In closed sports facilities is also banned smoking.


No smoking ban exists at events under the open sky, e.g. in an open soccer stadium. In schools and other educational institutions, smoking is also prohibited. A general smoking ban is already in force in Bavaria since the school year 2006/2007 for the school building as well as the entire school premises. Now, the smoking corners at school have disappeared. The ban applies to students, teachers, and visitors.

In particular for the protection of the non-smokers the state parliaments have passed laws for a comprehensive prohibition of smoking. Since the July 1, 2008, the last Non-Smokers Protection Acts (Nichtraucherschutzgesetze) have come into force in North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. With this being true, all federal states have created the legal basis for a prohibition of smoking for the protection of the non-smokers. It is worth to all publicly accessible buildings and closed rooms, Train not only for public equipment (, hospitals, authorities, theaters etc.), but also for restaurants. Offenses against the prohibition of smoking are sanctioned with a penalty which can amount in Saxony even up to 5,000 Euros. For the buildings persons responsible are obliged legally to seize countermeasures by offense. They must point out clearly to the fact that in the buildings a prohibition of smoking counts. By offense the smoker must be asked to omit from the smoking and with a refusal he can be expelled of the building. If he does wide annoyance, the police is to be switched on.


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