Feeling sick? Want to find a doctor?

Well, LG2G can supply with two easy ways to find a physician in your vicinity.


www.Jameda.de is a new website on which you can find doctors, counselors and alternative therapists throughout Germany. 172,699 doctors are currently listed. The aim of this independent site is to create a community, in which people can not only find a doctor or therapist near them, but can also add patient reviews about doctors they have visited, which are then available to other users. The reviews include marks for waiting time, friendliness of the doctor, opening hours, success of the treatment etc. The site is in German, but it is nevertheless relatively easy to use. You have to register to add reviews (using only your e-mail address and a password) and registered members also have the advantage of being able to save the details of doctors they have found for easy reference. The site is a great starting point if you are looking for any kind of doctor or therapist near to you. You can also go around reviewing doctors you have already been to – the more reviews online, the better!

The other opportunity is exclusively for Berlin: www.CallADoc.com.

Please share your experiences with these web presentations! Thanx in advance. Do you know of any other comparables sites/communities, please share them by writing a comment to this article.

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