Be Rewarded for Recycling Paper – Paperbank

Millions of tons of paper have been collected each year in Germany but vast amounts are still outside the recycling system. Cellulose is needed to produce new paper and that is obtained from natural resources such as wood. Due to our disappearing forests, pulp is becoming an expensive raw material. For several years now, the paper industry has been using wastepaper to produce paper. The industry is even discussing whether wastepaper is really “garbage” at all. Berlin now has the “paperbank”, Papierbank, (official name:) union WertstoffhandelGmbH.


By participating in Berlin’s Paperbank-System,, you can profit on the raw material “your wastepaper” by handing in your old newspapers, catalogs, telephone books, office paper and books to a collection site – often your local kiosk. Check out the website to find where your local site is. The latest development is that you can now also turn in your old CDs and DVDs – whether broken or not. The best is yet to come: You will be rewarded for turning in you wastepaper. Your reward will not only be helping to protect the environment but also your wallet. Yes, you will be getting payment of up to 8 cent / kg of wastepaper. Yes, you will not be earning a mint but a penny earned is a penny got!

Why not tell others about a similar opportunity outside Berlin by replying to this article with your comment. By the way, if you have a shop why do not earn a pinch for doing nothing. All you have to accept is a big blue tin for the wastepaper. Contact the Papierbank if you are interested.

Published on the old CMS: 2007/2/5
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