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It is a truism that everything has its price. Even death costs you your life. What about writing SMs for free? Wouldn’t that be a dream? Well, that dream has come true!



This service is offered you by Free SMS, This service is sponsored by advertising and online sweepstakes. When online, you will not be hearing any commercials but seeing lots of banners, having the possibility to participate in a game of luck, etc. You don’t have to subscribe to anything.

However, you will have to register but that’s all. You are only allowed to send 2 free SMs per hour – provided your free-credit contingent has not yet already used up. An additional browse window will open whenever you are either forwarding your SM or it has been rejected. If you are unable to send your SM you also have a chance to “compel” it to be sent by using your some of your credit. You will obtain credit if you set an affiliate link and third persons registers after clicking on your link.

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