Dumping your Junk be It Personal or Business – for Free

Schrottauto24 – Junk car24
Schrott.de (or junk.de) is offering to relieve you of things you normally need least – unless you’re a “messy”. This business started in 2005 with car wrecks and now they will also pick electronic scrap for no cost. This business has expanded throughout the entire country with a total of 90 branches. If you need to have your car or truck or motorbike picked up, this will cost € 30, but normally metal or electronic scrap will be picked up free of cost.
Who can profit from this service? This company wants to reach out to private households and private businesses almost anywhere in the country.

In accordance with the Act on Electric and Electronic Apparatuses for Electronic Scrap (= Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz für Elektroschrott), electronic and metal scrap may no longer be thrown into the normal garbage. This law stipulates that discarded computers, electric ovens, cell or mobile phones, washing machines are not to dumped into normal household garbage but should be delivered to a local dump, where they will be properly recycled. So, you can either take your scrap to a public waste depot or have “Schrott.de” pick it up – free of cost. How can you obtain their services? It couldn’t be easier! Just fill out their online form with your name, address, type of refuse and they will get back to you to make an appointment.

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