The project “The Legal Guide to Germany" is the expat's concise guide to overcome officialdom in Germany. It helps citizens of other countries, either living in or (soon) coming to Germany, in gaining a reliable orientation toward their every day legal rights and responsibilities in Germany. It's all about a lawyer telling inside stories on everyday legal questions. In other words, it's an 24 hours / 7 days a week integration course for those who are not satisfied with "standard" or "minimum".

We firmly believes “integration" is the name of the game for newcomers both living and working in Germany. Otherwise it will be lose-lose situation”. Too many non-Germans could easily avoid basic legal issues had they only been better informed. The goal of LG2G is to provide this valuable awareness. LG2G typically addresses the reader with a basic understanding of Germany. To obtain this basic understanding, LG2G expressly recommends Expatica, HowToGermany and German-Way. Where these sites stop, LG2G starts!

This portal offers products and services in four areas:

  1. a platform for legal content for some in depth study,
  2. eLiterature for professional needs, as well as Checklists for different needs,
  3. a business directory to help expats find professionals willing to serve them,
  4. a newsletter on topics of concern of the expat in Germany for any subscribed person.

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What do you want to find out ?

Want to Get in ? Need a Work Permit ? Something Practical ?
You will be guided on what you need to successfully gain a residence permit.
N.B. "Visa" is a "false friend" when you translate it into German!
This is no special issue anymore. This is automatically considered when applying for a permit. Believe it or not! Lawyers can be practical folks. This part of the portal will prove it!
Employer's Duties for Employees Freelancer's Tax Bill Corporate Tax Invoice ?
This topic explains and tries to describe how the hard working person pays his share of the state's income. You are invited to a cat-and-mouse game between you and the tax office. If ever a German respects an administrative office, then it's the Finanzamt.

Corporate taxation works on a similar level as the taxation of freelancers.
Employment Law Payroll Issues Need a Job here ?
Like everywhere in the world, employers want the most of the employees for the least possible salary – and vice versa.  When you want to hire people you have a lot of red-tape to consider and also some personal liability. LG2G provides a job board specialized on the needs of expats !


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