Introducing certain professions in Germany.


Qualified persons, like lawyers from EU, are needed in Germany. However, the profession of legal consultation is strictly controlled by relevant attorneys' chambers. In order for you to know if and how you may consult here in Germany as a lawyer, continue reading.


Special Regulations for Attorneys

If you are from outside the EU and want to continue your practice here in Germany, you need to meet some mandatory provisions. LG2G introduces you to them on this page.


Certain Professions in Germany

This section will introduce you to certain individual professions. Introduction will relate to the very basic legalities of opening and / or running such profession.

The so called chambered professions such as that of the attorney or physician have some strict rules that need to be adhered to. These professions always require a permit from a governing body and must follow strict regulations.

Concerning the profession of teaching English in Germany, there are no special legalities to be met as long as you work freelance and are not employed by a public school / university. Insofar, we recommend to  check out the blog on starting a business as an English teacher in Germany, German Switzerland, and Austria from the German Way.


Practicing as a Physician in Germany

Is there a need for physicians in Germany? There is a shortage of physicians but this is only locally and generally in eastern states of Germany. What is the employment situation in Germany for physicians in general? Physicians are needed. You will read here what is needed to practice as a physician in Germany – regardless if you want to bill the statutory health insurance companies or your patients directly.


Additional information