Legal "First Aid" or a (legal) Impromptu Translation

You only have "a" question following up on the contents you just studied? Then dial LG2G's service number 09001 / 529 366 10. This service costs € 2 / min. (incl. VAT). Costs for calling from cellphones might differ.

You can read constant warnings in the media against the abuse and fraud with 0190 numbers - and rightly so! The 0190 numbers were finally shut down at December 31, 2005 and replaced by the 0900-port lines. The 0900 numbers offers are grouped / ported into three classes.

  • 0900-1 starting numbers are information services (such as a hotline).
  • 0900-3 numbers are for entertainment and adult services (erotic, etc.),
  • 0900-5 are for other services.

No question, there are many black sheep amongst providers of premium rate numbers where providers offer their customers little or no service and so are conning money from their pockets, e.g. about fictitious partner services, false job offers or dubious sweepstakes. With the statutory limitation of a maximum € 2.00 per minute and the introduction of the new 0900 numbers, the number of dishonest offers has considerably declined.

In particular, a 0900-number is an ideal medium to easily take advantage of sophisticated services:

  1. Immediate availability of the service by phone
  2. Transparency of costs
  3. Payment of just a phone bill. (No credit card, no bill, no bank account).

This is how our service works:

Your call will be first answered by the mandatory German instruction that this call costs € 2 / min. to be followed by a more individualized repetition in English. All this is free! Paid time starts when you are greeted with "Hi and welcome to the LawFon. Expat's legal hotline. I'm attorney "Alexander von Engelhardt". How can I help you?"

It's always the same deal, exactly billed to the second. Billing is via your phone bill. On the itemized phone bill will call for the right advice "LawFon legal advice". We hope to have given you useful information about our 0900 service and wish you all the best in resolving your legal issue. N.B. This service is exclusively possible from inside Germany!

Phone Providers blocking 0900-Numbers

If you don't reach the LawFon, this might not be your fault or a problem on your personal side. Your provider might be generally blocking 0900-numbers. Providers often allege this blocking be to your protection. Nonsense. However, this is only weak excuse if they stupidly block all channels. They are preventing such services like the LawFon. If you disagree with this censorship then complain to your provider. Being honest, of course if only one person / business complains that will not get any attention in this gigantic enterprises...

Following Providers are known for generally blocking 0900-numbers:

  • AldiTalk,
  • ePlus,
  • Sipgate,
  • t.b.a.


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