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LG2G is

  • a concise, popular website that helps newcomers and residents to overcome officialdom in Germany in English or at least a language more comfortable than German,
  • a direct outreach and exposure to expats from all over the world, who speak English,
  • expats seeking businesses interested in them will find them to businesses in our "Business Directory". It includes product and service suppliers as well as churches, clubs, and organizations and other categories.
  • a concise encyclopedia to German law for non-lawyers, weekly legal newsletter for expats and others, frequent updates on important topics are the most important features of this website,
  • enjoying being read by SME and private persons, generally such that cannot afford their own in-house lawyer, receiving its popularity by the many visitors to the website who are sent there by many other internet sites that have linked to the Legal Guide to Germany,
  • LG2G is all about telling lawyer's inside stories of living and working in Germany.

The testimonial of Brian Johnson, Managing Partner of Verge Technologies is very informative and clearly shows the need for this portal! Besides, as a member of numerous mailing lists, we always refer to the directory, when someone asks for a specific service.

Those in any kind of (legal / tax) consulting business will receive a list of useful permalinks in order for you to politely answer a simple question like "What do I need to get into Germany?" that will not to be paid. Just answer:  "Info for almost no cost is found here !"


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